Ever struggle in the morning with whether to get up and fellowship with the Lord or to stay in bed an extra ten minutes? Perhaps one of the reasons this is such a struggle is that we do not realize the immense benefits of spending time with the Lord in the morning. In this week’s […]

Many of us are familiar with the matter of pray-reading, but we may not know why it is necessary or how to practice it. This week’s podcast tackles why pray-reading is so crucial and two ways to incorporate this life practice into our time with the Lord.

One of the biggest obstacles in our morning time with the Lord is our wandering mind. What should we do when distracting thoughts interrupt our fellowship with the Lord? Find out in this episode the way to deal with this problem.

Have you ever tried to have a time with the Lord in the morning but failed? Then have a new beginning by listening to this third podcast in the “Flee and Pursue” series! This week’s podcast presents this crucial practice in a very simple and approachable way, refreshing our desire to begin each day with […]

As believers we must have a private, hidden, personal life with the Lord. Such secret experiences must precede our corporate experience and cannot be replaced by it. The Song of Songs presents to us the way that we as lovers of Christ can pursue Him and attain to the goal to which He has called […]

Calling on the name of the Lord is a simple way to enjoy the Lord. In our daily life, wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we can continually breathe in the Lord, be supplied with all His riches, and be saved more in His life through this simple practice.