On the last day of the NACT, brother Minoru continued part two of his evening message on the propagation of the Jubilee. God’s appearing always issues in God’s calling.  God did the same with the apostle Paul. After his conversion, Paul asked, “Who are You?” and the Lord answered with a commission: “Rise up and […]

Consistent in all the speaking at NACT has been this one thing: our response. A response to all that’s been spoken and all that’s been seen – not a temporary, emotional stirring-up of excitement, but our deep response to the Lord in prayer.  The morning meetings thus began with addressing the fear that this week’s […]

Deep calls unto deep! In the midst of the heat and rigorous schedule, the trainees’ shining faces are a true testimony to the increasing depths of the NACT. Day 5 of the training began with an emphasis for each student to have a very personal seeking after Christ. We must have a romantic and affectionate […]

As the NACT continues this week, the atmosphere has gotten higher and the enjoyment has increased. The prayer of the saints is a testimony of the intercession of the Body! In the morning session, we saw another blessing of the New Testament jubilee, which is the forgiveness of sins. Forgiveness of sins is the base […]

Praise the Lord for the third day of the 2019 North America College Training! The remnants of Hurricane Barry missed Champaign, bringing us clear skies. The intercessory prayers of the saints have been effective and appreciated, and we encourage the saints to keep praying for the weather — an excessive heat warning has been issued […]

The second day of the 2019 North America College Training was a day of enjoyment! To accommodate over 2800 students and serving ones, the trainees have been arranged into five major cohorts and various small groups on a rotating schedule. It’s been incredible to experience the reality of all of the prayer and coordination behind […]

On Lord’s Day, we began the highly anticipated 2019 North America College Training!  With a total of 1,900 students in attendance, 285 college campuses and 41 countries represented, we are full of hope concerning what the Lord will do this week. May the Lord richly bless this training!  In the first message, the speaking brother […]

Dear brothers and sisters, Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ! The second North America College Training (NACT) is upon us in a little over a month. The first of this one-week training took place in the summer of 2015, at which time it was decided that the event should occur once every four years in […]

In this conference, Brother Ron Kangas shares on the importance of our need to make a connection between our present human situation and what God is actively doing to consummate age. Do we live our human life, our Christian life, and our church life with an inner realization of where we are in time and […]

How can we live a joyful Christian life? An often overlooked practice in the Bible is the matter of giving thanks. Giving thanks is vital to having a normal Christian life, and there are numerous places in the Bible where we are told reminded to give thanks. 2 Timothy 3:2 tell us that in the last days, […]

As a young person, the most important thing we can do is to see what God has been doing throughout the ages and what He is presently doing in our age. Such a vision grounds us and causes us to know for what purpose we are living on the earth. In this conference, the first […]

As Christians, we are blessed to have a Godly heritage. But do we know our heritage? Throughout church history, many wonderful things have been discovered in the Bible as Christian practices, but many of these items were lost or are not very well known. If we read church history, we find traces of these practices […]

Baptism is not just an outward practice; it is an important testimony. When we are baptized, there is a spiritual reality that we are brought into that can be experienced in our daily life. When we piece together all the verses in the Bible concerning baptism, we realize that it is deep and rich in significance. In […]

God has been journeying from eternity past to reach us and to be enjoyed by us. Although God is mysterious, He wants to be made known to man. Christ is the eternal word of God (John 1:1). He defines, explains, and expresses God. In time, Christ as the eternal word of God was incarnated to […]

And He said to them, Why is it that you were seeking Me? Did you not know that I must be in the things of my Father – Luke 2:49b As believers, our eternal destiny is secure. The question before us is not one of eternal security, but rather what kind of life will we live […]

We should never underestimate the value of seeing a proper view of a certain matter. The view changes us; it affects our entire being. In this conference, Brother Ron Kangas shares on what it means to live in the divine and mystical realm. We all by default live and exist in the physical realm and […]

In the New Testament, not many outward practices are emphasized, but we do see an emphasis on two: the Lord’s table and baptism. In this podcast, we fellowship about the importance of baptism in the Christian life. We begin by considering the two aspects of baptism—the outward, visible practice of baptism and the invisible spiritual […]

In this fellowship, Brother Minoru shares an encouraging word to the young people to help them realize that they are not too young to begin exercising themselves in the priestly army revealed in the book of Numbers. To be formed into this army requires our cooperation. Today God is poor as far as the priesthood […]

With a new year approaching, we need a word on new beginnings. In the Bible, God pays very much attention to new beginnings. In the book of Numbers, the children of Israel were commanded to blow the trumpet on many occasions, including the time of the appointed feasts and the beginnings of months. In our […]

We need to realize that in Christ the Son we truly have a Father. God is not only our Creator, He is our Father and we are His children. As our Father, He is the source of everything. Deep in the heart of our Father is a deep desire—the desire to live forever in a […]