Throughout the centuries, among God’s people there have always been some who have made great resolutions in heart (Judges 5:15.) It benefits us greatly to know something of these saints who have gone before us. In this new podcast series we consider the value of knowing the biographies of biblical and historical figures in church history.

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  1. Thank you Lord! I have been looking for something like this. The Lord has been putting this on my heart lately and I’ve searched through online engines and so forth. However, no peace. Now I know this is not of myself. Lord this is on your heart.

  2. Thank the Lord for these highly digestible sharings. They give a focal matter to experience, integrate and, where there’s opportunity, to share. As more of us share in these experiences, they become corporate for the building and strengthening of the Body, the Lord’s testimony and our personal enrichment. Thank-you, saints who have gone before, to help me along, praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus!


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