Moses referred to the burning bush as a great sight. In Acts 7:31 Stephen, in recounting the history of Israel, referred to it as a vision. Even the Lord Jesus made reference to it in Mark 12:26, referring to it as the section concerning the bush. In this fellowship, Brother Minoru spends time speaking about […]

The first part of the book of Exodus is filled with familiar stories, but are we as familiar with the last part of the book as we are the beginning? Do we realize what God’s purpose was in all of His dealings with the children of Israel in this book? The goal was not salvation […]

Download: Salvation, Provision, Revelation and Building Brought into the Presence of God and into the Knowledge of Him The Testimony of God Revealing Him to His People and Infusing His Substance into His Loving Seekers (partial) God Seeking Lovers in Giving His Law to His People How the Old Testament Seekers of God Enjoyed His […]